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The coaching, books, training, and apparel we provide are lovingly and carefully designed to ensure your personal, professional, and spiritual growth and Activation. Click below to select from our library of coaching and personal development tools. 

Enjoy your journey Of Activation! 

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Meet Naomi 

I’ve Evolved, And That’s My Superpower.

You too have the power to wake up and decide what parts of your life no longer serve you and change it. You can too can shift from profession to purpose at work and in the world. Excercise your right to change and grow. You deserve it.


Now that’s Activated Living!

Shifting from your Profession to Your Purpose?

Let's chat!

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

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"Your voice is calibrated for the audience assigned to you. It's your time to be seen and heard."


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"She truly came to activate the atmosphere at the She Builds Women's Conference! Her message, delivery and presence is authentic, direct, and it set the tone for a powerful conference!"

Rachel Senior 


Founder of the

"Women's Conference."


"Melissa was a dynamic addition to the "It's My Season" Women's Mixer! Not only did she speak, but she involved an interactive presentation to help guests visualize her key points. The spirit of her ministry was definitely impactful to all in attendance and I would love to have her speak again soon at one of our events!"

Lillie Mae

Lilie Mae & Glambitious


"I had a wonderful coaching series for my business with The Activator, Melissa D. White! As I shared about what I wanted to accomplish, she listened intently... By the end of the coaching and consultation, Melissa not only helped me be clear about my purpose, she shared a summary and tagline that captured My Brand - Perfectly!" 

Coach Jacole Todd


"The H.R Specialist"

Stay Activated

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